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Book Overview

About Water

The Book

 Written as a broad general interest title, Water is 234 pages long and is split over 13 chapters. Each topic within a chapter is given its own two-page spread. Water is elegantly presented in large format and features over one thousand spectacular photographs as well as fact filled sidebars and points of interest on every page. The book contains a full bibliography and references.


Sample Pages

A selection of sample pages from Water featuring five spreads from the book.


The full book contains over 110 stunning double-page spreads.


Facts and Figures

Each page of Water contains a highly informative ‘facts and figures’ sidebar on the topic of that page, that together highlight thousands of fascinating details about all aspects of water.


All these facts and figures have been meticulously researched and compiled by Dr Kotwicki and crosschecked by leading scientists in the field.


Climate Change

Water tackles the timely subject of climate change. Every page in the book is interwoven with an exploration of the effects of climate change on that particular topic.


Likewise, substantial sections of the book are devoted to examining present day risks facing humanity as well as possible solutions.



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