Water (Hard Cover)

Water (Hard Cover)

Book Specifications:


Hard cover

234 pages

13 chapters

Over 1000 spectacular photographs

Sidebars and points of interest on each spread

Full bibliography and references

Large format


    Everything that we see around us was created by water. Every tiny detail of the landscape, every living cell, every feeling that we experience, is because of… Water.


    Water traces the history of the life-giving substance from its instrumental role in the birth of our solar system through to becoming the source, matrix and medium for all life on Earth.

    From bubbling forest brooks to majestic oceans, from underground sinkholes to the highest waterfalls, Water takes the reader on an epic journey across the myriad of awe-inspiring forms in which H2O resides on our blue planet.


    The book examines how water shapes our weather and climate, from the greatest flood to the harshest drought. It analyses how human civilisation has been shaped by water, its pervasive influence evident in our agriculture, our industry and even our recreation.


    Interwoven throughout the book is an examination of the intricate effect of climate change on water. The book explores the complex challenges, such as pollution, sustainability and water scarcity that face humanity, and which lead many to believe that access to water will be one fo the defining issues of the next century.  Water finishes with a detailed look at the possible solutions for current and future generations.


    Written as a broad general interest title, Water is elegantly presented in large format and features over one thousand spectacular photographs as well as fact filled illuminating sidebars on every page. Without a doubt, Water is the definitive compendium of all human knowledge on this most miraculous substance, and an authoritative reference tool for the casual reader, student and scientist alike. 

    Book specifications:


    -Hard cover

    -234 pages

    -13 chapters

    -Over 1000 spectacular photographs

    -Sidebars and points of interest on each spread

    -Full bibliography and references

    -Large format


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