Knights of Atlantis (eBook Novel)

Knights of Atlantis (eBook Novel)

  • 534 pages
  • Amazon Kindle format
  • Illustrated cover
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    Welcome to the dark and turbulent seas of the future…


    Welcome to the world of Knights of Atlantis.

    Immense floating cities cover the oceans, hyper-kinetic craft race above and beneath the waves at thousands of miles per hour, ocean states vie for power.

    In this war ravaged world, a young orphaned American, Athos, is plucked from the seas and raised in the house of the mighty Emperor of Atlantis, the new Pan Pacific superstate.

    When the Emperor is brutally slain, and the murder blamed on Athos, the young prince is forced to flee Atlantis

    Thrust into a lawless world, confused, and searching for his identity, Athos must learn to come to grips with his true destiny if he is to rise up and free his people.


    But not even Athos could have ever been aware of the true secret of his origins and the terrifying power he carries in an amulet around his neck...

    The first novel in the Knights of Atlantis saga is coming January 2020 to k26PRESS.