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"Fascinating in every detail"

Lake Eyre Reviews

"... a remarkable effort to explain hydrology to the general public."
W.H. van der Molen
Journal of Hydrology

"it is likely that the presentation will provide readers with a better understanding of what hydrology is all about than any other government text in Australia."
D.I. Smith
Water News

"I am very impressed by your book Floods of Lake Eyre which has shown to me a new and fascinating world".
Prof M.R. Llamas
President, International Association of Hydrogeologists

"The book is an excellent presentation of technical material in a way suitable for both a lay and a technical audience. It is rare to find a book that serves the two purposes as well."
Prof. E.M. Laurenson
Monash University

"what a remarkable story Kotwicki has to tell about Lake Eyre and what strikingly beautiful photographs he has included in his book! I have read it with tremendous interest."
R.M. Hillman, Chairman
Water Authority of WA

"It is very impressive in terms of general interest to the public and as a wealth of scientific information. All concerned with the book are to be congratulated."  
Prof. D.H. Pilgrim
The University of NSW

"Mr Vincent Kotwicki has done a superb job and I am sure you are justifiably proud of this splendid publication. Congratulation on publishing it. You demonstrate that technology and culture are not at odds."
D.J. Dole, Director, Technical Services
Rural Water Commission of Victoria

"...the most interesting and attractive book on Lake Eyre."
R.G. Thomas, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

"The book is fascinating in every detail..."
Prof J.E. Mueller
New Mexico State University

An excellent technical reference that is attractively illustrated and easily read by the non technical. This book is a primary reference for would be navigators of the Lake. A must get!
Lake Eyre Yacht Club

Now, if you want to be an authority on Lake Eyre you have only to buy one book. Floods of Lake Eyre is technical yet easily understood and it is beautiful as well (...)
Brian Sheedy
Exploring Lake Eyre.




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