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Alternate Ending

Floods of Lake Eyre

Alternate Ending

A Matter of Time

For those who read Floods of Lake Eyre, it may be of interest to learn that the book actually had initially a different ending. Here how it goes...

This study has its roots in historical events, but contemplation of the past was not its fundamental aim. In fact, it attempts to focus on the future.

Years will pass and the time will come when the centre of Australia will flourish, supporting millions of people on the present immense plains of sandy and stony deserts. It has been said that Australia needs people and water. New generations will come and will devise means of watering the Red Centre. One could say: there is no need. Certainly, there is no need now. But the need will come. There are simply no alternatives.

In a similar manner, Lake Eyre is a challenge. Lake Eyre will hold permanent water because man always takes a challenge. Sooner of later. But it is not a question of yes or no, it is only a matter of time.


What time, one would ask. Certainly we are not talking here in terms of our daily activities. But it is estimated that in about 500 years from now we will be controlling the whole mass of the Solar System, and in some 10 000 years, the whole Galaxy. Sometime, on this modest scale, the time of Lake Eyre will surely come...

 ...but of course, your guess is as good as mine.


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