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Everything that we see around us was created by water. Every tiny detail of the landscape, every living cell, every feeling that we experience, is because of… Water.

The book Water traces the history of the life-giving substance from its instrumental role in the birth of our solar system through to becoming the source, matrix and medium for all life on Earth.


Floods of Lake Eyre

Floods of Lake is the definitive book and website on the subject of Australia's great inland lake - Lake Eyre, written by the world's pre-eminent expert on the subject, Dr Vincent Kotwicki. 

Floods of Lake Eyre-1.jpg


Knights of Atlantis

Oceans Arise - The first novel in the stunning sci-fi saga KNIGHTS OF ATLANTIS, written by the Kotwicki Brothers is being released in December 2019. Click below to visit the Knights of Atlantis website, or the Shop to order the eBook of Knights of Atlantis.




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