Technically speaking, a site on Water in the Universe could cover a sizeable part of  All There Is. In practical terms, there is no room for it, and some limitations have to be introduced. Therefore, we will be not concerned here with:

  • Time
  • Dimensions in excess of four
               for example 8, 10, and 26 :)
  • Holographic Universe
  • Multiuniverses
  • Non-local phenomena and considerations
  • Plus a few other things of this nature...:)

Some of these topics are, however, touched upon in this upcoming 'Deeper Space' section of the site. Here I will put several things which I like and consider relevant to my perception of  All There Is.

... symmetry, strings
           hips of super sss's'eses...

and, as Brian Greene asks in The Elegant Universe:
   (Jonatham Cape. London, 1999, fifth last subchapter)

What are Space and Time, Really, and
Can We Do Without Them

Well, watch this space
do not expect
to get
any quick answers
anytime soon...

The answer to the last posed question is: Yes

Water in the Universe
Water in the Universe

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