Deep Angel

Deep Angel is the extremely popular online series and upcoming game on supercavitation. If you’re interest in where the future of supercavitation (or supercav™ as they call it) may lead, then be sure to take a look!

Deep Angel has the first artists impressions of what future supercavitating craft could appear like. The creators envision a future where aircraft like ‘subcraft’ would fly of large carriers, similar to the aerial situation existing in the world at the moment.

The famous main ship of the series, the Angelus, is a prime example of how a submerged supercavitating vessel may look. All along her hull are the winglets or rather ‘fins’ which would extrude beyond the supercavitation bubble and be necessary to control a supercavitating vessel as it travelled through the ocean.

To visit the Deep Angel site, which also graciously allows us to use the images on this site, just click here!

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