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Well, when one thinks about European groups in historical terms - and has a certain familiarity of the subject - it boils down to the Holy Number of Three:
Marino Marini ed il suo Quartetto, in
the 1950s, the Beatles in 1960s, and Abba in 1970s. There was nothing much original before or after, with a notable exception of Rammstein and Du Hast -:).

So, in historical terms MMQ was Numero Uno, and, therefore, you are visiting a site devoted to their dynamic, fresh and above all joyful music!



"Ho portato il twist a Istanbul e il cha-cha-cha a Beirut.
Per me la famosa Cortina di ferro era di burro:
appena finito un tour negli USA, ho suonato in Russia"
Marino Marini

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