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The Site - Overview Section

Welcome to the site overview section, here you'll find site news, contact information as well as other details.

The Purpose of this Site

The purpose of this site is to disseminate information on Lake Eyre and new developments in this area. I will attempt to make this site highly visible on the internet, and my assumption is that the message board could be an effective tool to disseminate information on Lake Eyre.


After I published Floods in Lake Eyre in 1986, I started to receive numerous phone calls from people with all sorts of questions about the Lake. Not only that - many people knew about the Lake more than me and were happy to share this information with others. So I accumulated this info like a snowball. This is exactly the purpose of this site in the Internet age: to gather information and to share it with others.

So this Site...

Yes, this site belongs to all people interested in Lake Eyre, and will be as good as all of us want to make it.

I believe it will be great.

Vincent Kotwicki

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