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LAKE EYRE, an immense salt lake which drains an area equal to that of France, Spain and Portugal, is without doubt one of the great natural wonders of the world. Not so long ago it was considered to be permanently dry, but the last fifty years have witnessed over twenty flood events, with the most spectacular fillings occurring in 1950, 1974 and 1984. When rivers come down in flood, the transformation of the desert is miraculous. As the old saying goes, the heart of Australia beats: the lake and its surroundings become alive, creating a vision of ever-changing colours and patterns that defies description.

FLOODS OF LAKE EYRE is an illuminating study of this outstanding natural phenomenon. In a well-researched and informative text, author Vincent Kotwicki describes the origin, occurrence and behaviour of water in Lake Eyre and its environment, and gives a first estimate of inflows to the lake in the period 1885-1984. His words are complemented by aerial and satellite photographs, informative maps and graphs, and above all by a selection of magnificent colour photographs taken by well-known outback photographer Bob Mossel, who has captured on film various facets of this area since 1957.

THIS BOOK is the most comprehensive study of the hydrology of Lake Eyre yet written; and it is also a work to kindle the imagination and to raise awareness. Finally, it poses the challenging question: what does the future hold for this extraordinary natural feature of Australia?

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