How many Buranís were there? ...A lot!

In this section we will give you a low-down on the current state of each of the orbiters. Five space capable orbiters were planned, two were  completed (one of which was destroyed in a hangar collapse in 2002 at Baikonur), three were left unfinished when the program ran out of funding. Ontop of this there were 8 test Burans built, including the jet engine enabled aero flight tester OK-GLI.

This orbiter status information has been very  difficult to compile, if you have some new information or if you have found an error than please email me. Simply click on a orbiter below to get the low-down on where they are now!

Note: There were 2 more Static Testers - Models 005 and 008, OK designations ??. But I donít have any information about these orbiters others, other than they were vibration and vaccum test vehicles.

The Aero and Static Tester Burans:

The Space Flight Burans:

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